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My Passion for Great Fish Taxidermy

After years of working on my own and others taxidermy projects, I decided to expand and share my talents and passion with others. I have always been drawn to the art of fish taxidermy, both natural skin mounts and fish reproductions.

Through the relentless pursuit of perfection and my own dislike of “status quo” I continually worked at improving my fish works. Not only do I strive to make an aesthetically appealing mount, but also a fish work that is biologically natural. This is quite evident in my fish eyes. Taxidermy supply houses generally have vague resemblances of the natural eyes, so I create my own which are specific to that species. In addition,I don’t paint a fish, I detail the scales to best represent your trophy of a life time.

Please let Fin and Bones Taxidermy help you preserve your next special fishing experience so it can grace your home with memories for years to come!


In my quest to produce the best fish mounts for my clients, I traveled to New Hampshire to spend a week with Rick Krane. Rick is a World Champion Taxidermist and teacher. He has a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology, World/National/Regional Taxidermy Judge and a superior sculptor. His credits are endless.

I trained one on one at the art of recreating the absolute best life-like fish mounts possible.
Natural Skin Mount or Fish Replica?
Natural skin mounts are the real thing. The fish is carefully skinned, the body/eyes/etc. removed and the skin, head and fins are preserved. The fish is then refilled with various fillers, shaped and dried. After drying, any damage is repaired as best possible and it is sealed and painted. After drying again the paint is sealed and the fish is ready to be displayed.

Pros: This is the real thing. Some fish retain much of the original markings and this method is more affordable.

Cons: Any damage has to be repaired and sometimes is noticeable. No matter what, there will be some shrinkage, though most can be repaired somewhat. They also break down somewhat after time and some species are not suitable for natural mount.

Reproductions/Replicas on the other hand are forms that have been made of actual fish. Some reproductions require little more than painting while some need some shaping, fitting and fin work. Reproductions can be made out of fiberglass, urethane or other materials.

Pros: There are a great many companies and individuals now making replicas and many are very good. Very good detail can be retained of the original fish. They can be surprisingly realistic.  For example, there are so many black bass replicas that a very close copy of the exact fish is very possible. Also, in many cases the original fish can be returned to the water to catch another day. Reproductions will also last very near forever. Turnaround time on reproductions is much shorter because there is little drying time. In most cases whatever form work is needed to be done is minimal.

Cons: First and foremost is cost. Replicas are expensive just to make the blank fish. Then again, it isn’t the real fish and this matters to some customers.
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